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I am getting ready to defend my thesis in English Literature in a couple of weeks and I was just curious to hear other letrunner's stories about their defenses. ..... They told me that their advisor was introducing one of his students to everyone at the public portion of his defense, and said the wrong name.
In most cases, the defense isn't too terrible, but sometimes things go terribly wrong and make it even worse than it should be. I'm curious of...
I am in the humanities. I passed, but feel like I deserved to fail and would have failed if I didn't already have a TT job. The experience was so...
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Bad advisors cost students thousands of dollars, many months of unnecessary toil, and, in too many cases, the graduate degree they are seeking. The ABD “degree” (All .... One committee member said he would “never” sign her dissertation after the oral defense, and she had come to me complain. Her committee member
There are very helpful ways of making sure to avoid a bad dissertation defense. This is an important part of the process and it is important that it is handled correctly so that it is a success. Here are the eight main pitfalls that students have had to endure that led to a bad dissertation defense. Avoid these pitfalls and you will be
The other excellent answer reflect why: it would be exceptionally bad for the thesis advisor to let things get that far. If a student's work is not up to professional standards, he should be told soon, say within the first six months of his research, and then given a chance to correct the situation. If after the 2nd year, it still is not up to
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